The Restitution of Christianity
Adnan Rashid

The Restitution of Christianity

Muslims believe the message of Jesus was distorted after his departure. The pure monotheism taught by Jesus was later corrupted and was replaced by the the doctrine of the Trinity.

This course will take the participants through a historic journey shedding light on how the faith of Jesus was corrupted and how it can be restored. The title of the course is inspired by a Latin book written by a sixteenth century scholar named Michael Servetus, who also attempted the restoration of the true message of Jesus. He was burnt at steak in Geneva in 1553

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Adnan Rashid Adnan Rashid
Adnan Rashid is an international lecturer from London (UK), who specialises in Muslim history and Islamic numismatics. He attained his BA with Honours from Birkbeck College (University of London) a...more

Lessons 1h 58min 45s

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