Tipu Sultan
Adnan Rashid

Tipu Sultan

On 4 May 1799 a king lost his life defending his people and achievements in southern India. He was a very dedicated Muslim and an astute technological innovator. His political correspondence with eighteenth century global leaders like Napoleon, the Ottoman Sultan and the Afghan King fascinates historians to this day. His military prowess inspires armies around the world. His love for books and progressive outlook on education has kept his legacy alive. He is Tipu Sultan. This course will shed light upon his otherwise unknown life in detail. Anyone completing this course will acquire the following:

  1. A thorough insight into the Muslim history of India.
  2. An understanding of the colonial occupation of India.
  3. Knowledge of the political situation of Indian Muslims in the eighteenth century.
  4. Inspiration from the life and character of a very important Muslim figure from India.

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Adnan Rashid Adnan Rashid
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