The Legacy of Islam
Adnan Rashid

The Legacy of Islam

Modern Islamophobia is a global phenomenon. Some of the most common misconceptions spread about Islam are on the nature of Muslim Civilisation. It is claimed that Islam is a violent intolerant faith that promotes mistreatment of minorities and encourages persecution of non-Muslims.

This course will show how such perceptions are without substance. The course will demonstrate that Islam was one of the best things that occurred in human history. The evidence will amply demonstrate how Islam protected minorities and non-Muslims against oppression and injustice. The content will also highlight the inevitable outcome of Muslim justice. In short, the course will take the participants through a journey into the history of the Muslim Civilisation and its magnificent achievements.

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Adnan Rashid Adnan Rashid
Adnan Rashid is an international lecturer from London (UK), who specialises in Muslim history and Islamic numismatics. He attained his BA with Honours from Birkbeck College (University of London) a...more

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