Islam, Evolution & Darwinism
Subboor Ahmad

Islam, Evolution & Darwinism

In an age of Science and Reason novel questions about God, faith and evolution are being raised.

This course covers questions such as: Can there be a reconciliation between orthodox Islamic beliefs and the facts of biological evolution? What is the difference between Evolution and Darwinian Evolution? What can the history and philosophy of science teach us about the nature of scientific conclusions? Is Darwinian Evolution based on questionable assumptions? What are the alternative models of Evolution which undermine Darwinian Evolution? How did Darwinism become into a religious, political and ethical system?

This course is aimed at students with no background in either evolutionary biology or philosophy of Science hence it will introduce and breakdown the basic concepts in a simple and digestible way.

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Subboor Ahmad Subboor Ahmad
Subboor Ahmad is a public speaker and researcher on issues related to Islam and Science. He regularly delivers talks on Islam and Evolution at universities across the UK. Subboor has featured on pr...more

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