Islam in India
Adnan Rashid

Islam in India

Muslims emerged on the Indian landscape in the early eighth century with the invasion of Mohammad bin Qasim. This campaign did not leave a long lasting impression on most of India. It was in the thirteenth century when some Muslim kings appeared from the north west and conquered some of northern India. These kings established a state called the Delhi Sultanate and later some Central Asian adventurers emerged as the Mughals. This period of the Muslim political dominance of northern India produced a magnificent civilisation within the subcontinent. This course will take the participants through a tour de force into the Muslim history of India. The course will address Muslim dynasties, poets, architecture and scholarship throughout medieval India. Those who manage to cover the course entirely will have a good understanding of the Muslim history of India

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Adnan Rashid Adnan Rashid
Adnan Rashid is an international lecturer from London (UK), who specialises in Muslim history and Islamic numismatics. He attained his BA with Honours from Birkbeck College (University of London) a...more

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