Tafsir of Surah Hujurat
Shaykh Abu Rumaysah Refi

Tafsir of Surah Hujurat

Take a journey through this amazing chapter of the Qur'an dealing with vital aspects of the Muslim community as well as morals and manners that every individual needs in order to draw closer to his or her Lord.

Surah al-Hujurat is the 49th Chapter of The Quran. It consists of 18 verses. The main focus of Surah al-Hujurat is to enlighten the Muslims about manners that should be observed as well as etiquettes and proper conduct. Among other things, it also instructs the believers not to act on a news without verification.

This Surah outlines what a Muslim’s character should be. It forbids acting on news without confirmation and promotes calls for peace and reconciliation. We are also warned against vilification by means of mockery and gibes.

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Shaykh Abu Rumaysah Refi Shaykh Abu Rumaysah Refi
Abu Rumaysah Refi Shafi was born and brought up in High Wycombe. He currently studies with Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad and, previously, Shaykh Abu AbdiRahman Al-Libee. He graduated from Imperial Colle...more

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