Fly Like a Bird: Love, Hope, Fear of Allah
Shaykh Abu Abdissalam

Fly Like a Bird: Love, Hope, Fear of Allah

Ibn al-Qayim said: "On his way to Allah, a [believer's] heart is likened to a bird: love is its head, fear and hope are its wings. Hence, when the head and wings are sound, the bird will perfectly fly; if the head is cut, the bird will die and when he loses the wings, he will be inevitably objected to hunting". 

This course is all about three very important aspects of a believer's Iman: Love of Allah, Hope in Allah and Fear of Allah. It's an absolute must for every Muslim to have this balance and this course is very powerful in helping us to understand the deeper meanings of these concepts.

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Shaykh Abu Abdissalam Shaykh Abu Abdissalam
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pearl.winter March 3, 2018 at 12:14 PM

Nearness of Allah / love of Allah is the most essential element of faith. That is why this course is so important.